2022 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing and Intelligent Control (ICMMIC 2022)

Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Qinmin Yang

College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejing University, China

Experience: Prof. Yang is mainly engaged in the research of industrial data intelligence, renewable energy and energy Internet, intelligent control and optimization. In the past five years, he has presided over 10 national projects/projects, including joint key, surface and youth projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 projects of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, smart manufacturing projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and 10 million horizontal projects. He has published more than 100 papers, including 2 ESI highly cited papers, 1 hot paper, more than 2700 citations, 3 English book chapters, 1 US patent and more than 50 Chinese invention patents. Now he is a senior member of IEEE, ASME, APNNS, deputy director of ADPRL committee of Chinese Society of Automation, member of Control Theory and Application committee, Energy Internet committee and Youth Working Committee, secretary general of New Energy Group of Control Theory committee of Chinese Society of Automation, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and He has served as the editorial board member of many domestic and international journals such as IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and Journal of Automation (English version). He was awarded the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of the Automation Society 2021, the Second Prize of Natural Science of Artificial Intelligence of Wu Wenjun 2021, the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhejiang Province 2017, and the Mentorship Award of the Society of Automation for Uberpapers. He received several international conference paper category awards, including the YAC Young Author Award in 2021, the Best Posting Paper Award in 2019 IEEE ISIUS International Conference, the Best Applied Paper Award in 2018 IEEE YAC International Conference, the Best Applied Paper Award in 2017 IEEE ICMIC International Conference, and the Best Paper Nomination Award in 2016 IEEE ICIA International Conference. He received the honors of Leading Talents of Zhejiang Province 10,000 People Plan in 2021, Qianjiang Talents of Zhejiang Province in 2012, and the first batch of Qiushi Young Scholars of Zhejiang University.

Title: Theoretical research and practice in intelligent control design for wind energy

Abstract: Wind energy has been considered to be a promising alternative to current fossil-based energies. Large-scale wind turbines have been widely deployed to substantiate the renewable energy strategy of various countries. In this talk, challenges faced by control community for high reliable and efficient exploitation of wind energy are discussed. Advanced controllers are designed to (partially) overcome problems, such as uncertainty, intermittence, and intense dynamics. Theoretical results and attempts for practice are both present.

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Assoc. Prof. He Chen

School of Artificial Intelligence, Hebei University of Technology, China

Experience: Prof. He Chen received the B.S. degree in automation and the Ph.D. degree in control science and engineering from Nankai University, Tianjin, China, in 2013 and 2018, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Artificial Intelligence, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, China. His research interests include control of underactuated robot systems (e.g., cranes) and motion planning of wheeled mobile robots.

Prof. Chen is the recipient of the Outstanding Paper Award for the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics in 2021. He serves as an Academic Editor for Mathematical Problems in Engineering and Guest Editors for Machines and Actuators. He also serves as an Organizing Co-Chair for 2022 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Robot Systems (ACIRS 2022), a Regional Program Chair for the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics (IEEE RCAR 2022), and PC/TC members and session chairs for several EI-indexed international conferences.

Title: Control Research for Underactuated Cranes with State Constraints

Abstract: Crane systems are widely used transportation tools in industrial production. However, due to the underactuated properties, less control inputs are used to dominate more degrees of freedom for cranes, which increases the control difficulty. Furthermore, since the working environment for cranes may be complex, various state constraints should be considered for the control design of cranes to ensure safety. Considering these factors, in this presentation, we propose three different kinds of control methods with state constraints to deal with different crane transportation issues. We also extend the proposed method to solve the state constraint control problem for a class of underactuated systems. Rigorous theoretical analysis and comprehensive experimental tests illustrate the proper performance of proposed state constraint control method.

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Assoc. Prof. Jia Cui

Shenyang University of Technology school of electrical engineering, China

Experience: During 2018.4-2019.4, Prof. Cui was the Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy Systems of Argonne National Laboratory (CEEESA); Within the time of 2015.10-2017.12, he was the Postdoctoral Fellow in Control Theory and Control Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology; during 2010.9-2015.10, he was the Ph. Member of Integrated Energy System of Renewable Energy Society. Prof. Cui is also the Member of China Energy Storage Technical Committee of IEEE Electric Power and Energy Association, Member of Electrical Control System and Device Professional Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Member of Electrical Automation Professional Committee of China Automation Society; long-term applied Energy, IEEE Transactions on Smart grid, Sustainable Energy, Power Delivery, CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systemsd, and reviewer for international and domestic first-class academic journals such as "Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering", "Journal of Electrotechnical Technology", "Power System Automation", "Power Grid Technology".

Title: Typical applications and studies of intelligent algorithm in the field of load side energy management

Abstract: The multi-energy complementary technology at the load side is an ideal regulation method for power grid to absorb clean energies and improve flexibility and reliability of energy supplement and it is also the one that gets the most attention issues in the field of energy internet. The region integrated flexible load is studied by this project from the load side. And, the strategy of comprehensive "aware", transparent "understanding" and precision "controlling" is put forward from the load side for distribution network side. The report includes:A wisdom data analysis system is established which contains denoising, dimension reduction, decomposition, recognition and extraction based on multiple heterogeneous data; The energy matching mechanism of different forms of flexible loads and distributed clean power generation is revealed. The solution would provide data support and theoretical reference for the research on improving the flexible energy matching ability of multi-energy system for distribution network.